Morning Iced Matcha before a long Monday workday begins this afternoon…

A clear glass filled with a green-colored iced beverage, likely a matcha latte, resting on a sunlit wooden surface. Shadows are cast on the wooden surface, indicating strong lighting from one direction. The background is dark and out of focus.

📺 Sugar ★★★★★

A man in a suit and tie is looking off to the side with a serious expression. The word “Sugar” is written in stylized script at the bottom of the image. The background features a blurred outdoor landscape with hills.

Enjoyed every minute of this show. From the noir/hollywood atmosphere, great cast. the amazing intro song and animation. Not to mention the big twist. A must watch.

Beautiful evening at Weymouth Beach 🏖️

Stuff This Week #14

Image of an iPad Pro box, an iPad Magic Keyboard box, and an Apple Pencil box on a wooden table. The boxes are neatly stacked

  • 📱 A bit of a tech heavy week this week with the arrival of my new iPad which I’m enjoying very much. Still very much in the setup phase. Also, does anyone else have that period with new gadgets where you want to “keep them nice” and are cautious about touching/using them? 🤪

I don’t think I’ll do a write up or review of it. There’s enough of that out there by people much more gifted than me, but I will say I’m enjoying it very much and am still loving the concept of as my primary computing device moving forwards.

I will say the screen is exceptional for photos. I can absolutely tell the difference vs the M1 display side by side before I boxed it up for trade in.

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KASSO 🛹 A Japanese Skateboarding Show

KASSO is a Japanese skateboarding show. Sort of a mix of Ninja Warrior and Takeshi’s Castle by way of Tony Hawk.

They’ve put 2 full episodes on YouTube and we love it ! Check it out! 🛹

✈️ Japan Diaries - Day 10 Tokyo Station Area

Shinkansens and Tokyo Station Arrival

Let’s begin where we left off with this delicious garlic sausage onigiri from the previous post.

A hand holding a half-eaten Spam Musubi wrapped partially in clear plastic. The background features lime green suitcases and part of a person wearing striped pants.

We were up and at ‘em early today to get our Shinkansen back to Tokyo due to the Typhoon mentioned in the last post.

The station and the train were eerily quiet. Presumably as a lot of people had modified their travel plans in anticipation of cancellations, so we had the whole carriage to ourselves for pretty much the whole journey. We stretched out and napped to off-set our early rise. Swapping Shinkansen half way was no bother and we hit Tokyo just after lunchtime.

The image shows the interior of an empty high-speed train carriage in Japan with blue upholstered seats, overhead luggage compartments, and windows along the side. The seat numbers and signs, written in both Japanese and English, are visible.

My family seated in a modern train car with blue seats and white headrests. My son in the foreground is making a surprised facial expression, while my wife in the middle is smiling. My other son in the background is looking at their phone

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My on call shift is done. 🥳

I have 5 working days until I go on holiday and I need it! My “effort” gauge dial is trending downwards.

Need to recharge the batteries after the workloads of the last few weeks 🪫

Just found out about I can’t tune in live but I’ll check the stream out later on. What a neat idea!

Still setting up the new iPad with apps, logging into services etc but so far :-

  • Thin
  • This screen is exceptional. OLED blacks, no bloom (of course)
  • Pencil haptics are lovely. The menu it brings ups is great as well.
  • Denim colour on the Smart Folio reminds me of the bathtub inspired iPad 2 Folio

📦 nice delivery today 😎

Image of an iPad Pro box, an iPad Magic Keyboard box, and an Apple Pencil box on a wooden table. The boxes are neatly stacked

As promised it was poutine day in the hospital canteen 🇨🇦 🍁 🫎 🥔

A takeout container filled with French fries, bacon, cheese curds, and gravy, resembling a poutine. Another similar meal is partially visible in the background. There are also disposable forks and napkins on the black table.

Ok look… on a hospital canteen budget, in a country where cheese curds aren’t really a thing (we couldn’t figure out what the cheese was. maybe halloumi?) and costing £3 it kinda hits the brief?

Not a pretty dish. But tasty.

🔗 VMWare Fusion Pro Free For Personal Use

Great news for the few months or a year until Broadcom utterly sinks this company.

Seeing as the Vision Pro essentially runs iPadOS with bells on if you’re not using it with a Mac as virtual display, it’s interesting to think about how Apple will tackle these same drawbacks and criticisms of that platform as it matures and the newness wears off.

New iPad day tomorrow. Starting reading the reviews and they are pretty much as expected. Beautiful hardware restricted by the software 🤷‍♂️

I agree with a good amount of the criticisms, but for my photo, blogging and life tasks I haven’t butted up against too many of them. I also think dual OS would be a terrible solution.

The hospital I work at is doing a “52 flavours” project in the canteen where they are going to make 52 dishes from countries and cultures staff submit. This is going to happen once a week until they’re all done.

Today is poutine 🇨🇦 which I’m very exited to try out! 🍟 🧀 😋

🍕 🕰️ 😋

Dorchester Jumble Trail 2024

Had a good walk around the “Jumble Trail” this morning.

A poster for the jumble train stapled to a tree showing the logo of a magpie against an orange background.

My wife bought a lot of plants people had for sale. Wasn’t really anything that caught my eye although the vinyl sale could have been tempting if I’d gotten around to purchasing a player yet.

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Stuff this week #13

A full week of sunshine ☀️ plus a shorter work week has left me feeling pretty good. Here’s what’s been going on this week!
Seagulls surround a single sailboat amongst a hazy sea

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Lots of YouTubers covering the new iPad Pros making faux thumbnails of them holding the device when in actuality they don’t have a review unit, the review embargo isn’t up and it’s then just a video of them reading the features from the press release 🤦‍♂️

🕹️ Gamedle: 12/05/2024 🟩⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜ >