Back from our holiday on the Isle of Wight I’m looking through and processing the pictures of our trip. We had some lovely weather and some of the places were stunningly beautiful to soak in.

We did a 5-ish mile round walk from a National Trust car park to the Needles. A stretch of rock that once connected the IOW to Dorset, but is now just 3 “Needles” of rock sticking out of the water.

There’s a decommissioned fort there now that’s part of the National Trust that we ate lunch at as we looked at the Needles and then strolled back across the fields.

On the way to the fort we also found huge fields of Gorse flowers. They were so covered in bees you could head the humming resonating everywhere you walked as literally 1000’s of bees around you got on with their jobs.

Getting the suns rays and seeing such beautiful nature really helped me disconnect from work quickly and recalibrate into holiday mode. A wonderful day.