I wasn’t going to bother with a smart folio immediatley for the new iPad Pro, but that denim colour plus seeing its got the 4 positions now, I’m really tempted to pick one up.

Some heavy hard work this week including a few hiccups but boy…. some proper teamwork and kindness shown by the people I work with this week. I’ve been really impressed. 🤜🤛

A slightly sleepy Davey today as I was doing some out of hours work 2300-0100. Bed at 0200 after winding down a bit & making sure no one was going to call with any problems..

At least it’s Friday now!

A (slightly) not to plan Portland Walk

My wife and I were both off work this Tuesday so had decided to do a walk on Portland Island

A map of Portland island showing a walking route

You’ll see on the map that the directionality seems a little bit odd, especially with the T shaped portion that seems to indicate we went back and forth across the same part of the walk a couple of times. Well…that’s because we did 🤣

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My random notes from the Apple iPad Event

My random notes from the Apple iPad Event. I’ve already made my choice and it should arrive next week.

A presentation screenshot listing many new features of the new iPad Pros

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1TB, Space black. Pro Pencil. Magic Keyboard.

Don’t really need the 1TB but I want the extra M4 core and 16GB RAM. With my current usage and how I split time between my Mac and my iPad Pro I’m going all in on the iPad Pro and making it my primary computing device.

Anyone wanna buy a Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard? Going at a reasonable rate? 🤣

Had a wonderful walk today in some gorgeous weather. Will start to edit and post the pictures soon, but I just found out the Apple thing is at 3PM BST so first it’s…. 👀💳🤣

My ivory subscription expires at the end of the month. I’m not going to renew it. It’s an ok app but I’m cooling on Mastodon, & they still don’t have multi instance support so it’s just not worth the £25 p/y for me.

One advantage of sub based software is being able to cancel & reassess.

Stuff This Week #12

The first “Stuff” post since February! How terribly unreliable of me 😱 1

A cake with strawberries peeking through in a cooked jammy state on a cooling rack overlooking a modern kitchen setting.

Summer is allegedly coming for us even though you wouldn’t tell from the large majority of the recent weather, but it’s officially Strawberry Summer Cake Season so I thought I’d write this up as the cake cools on the rack.

  1. I don’t really care 🤣 I write when I want to write. ↩︎

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I was recently informed about the “visdeurbel” or “fish doorbell” and I love it as a nice bit of background streaming. 🚪🐟

It is 11am on Saturday. And instead of of doing anything productive I have just allowed myself to be a cushion for Trio… 🤣

A cat sat cleaning itself on a human underneath a striped yellow blanket

Aww yeah I think it’s upgrade time for me 🫴💰

An Apple advert with a picture of the Apple Pencil saying “let loose” behind it.

Finished Reading: The Raven Tower by Ann Leckie 📚

Loved this! Great fantasy tale of gods, humanity, politics and revenge. Plus some brilliant trans representation as well.

And for those of you wondering from this post “Hey, does that guy really own a copy of Parodius Da! Shinwa kara Owarai e…?”

You’re god damn right I do 🐙🤣🎮

Me holding a copy of SNES game “Parodius Da! Shinwa kara Owarai e”

sadly not a boxed one though 😢

Ok, this is proper cool 😎🎮

Two screenshots of game emulator Delta running on an iPhone playing a Super Nintendo game

The Law Of Triviality and the joys of plodding

The Law Of Triviality or “Bikeshedding” was in full effect at work today.

I had permission to put a message on a system about upcoming changes. When it went live, a bunch of more senior staff thought my message was not quite right and levied their opinions on what should replace it. Eventually, after everyone had spoken, no one could decide on precisely what the message should say and they all just stopped talking about it without making a decision.

🤫 The original message I wrote still remains on the system 🤭🤷‍♂️

An old friend of mine who very recently passed away,1 once told me

“The rarest technical skill you can cultivate is common sense. And it’s often in short supply”

I think there is a lot of truth to that. People tend to chase flash or want to get involved in whatever the zeitgeist of the day is vs just slogging away at the fundamental bricks that complete projects. We’re easily distracted, turned and moved away from what we were doing not just 30 minutes ago. It’s part of the modern workplace with email, Teams/Slack…distractions can be everywhere… If you want them or not!

I’m often not the smartest technical asset in the room, but what I can do is make a structured list, update it and follow through on it.

If I can’t follow through I communicate why and I ask for help and advice. I send updates update calmly, descriptively and consistently. I feel like these fundamentals are key to collaboration and moving things forwards, but they can very often get lost in the storm for want of the thrill of starting another new project, looking at the shiny new thing or indeed bikeshedding over a two sentence paragraph for 30 minutes in what should be a 5 minute decision.

My wife jokingly refers to how we tackle work as being plodders. We’re At the coal face consistently smashing away and making the pile smaller whilst sometimes someone whifts past and may tell us they think we’re holding our picks wrong before they vanish again to the fresh air outside of the mine.

Someone this week came up to me whilst I was working and told me they were grateful for some work I’d done on a project and felt like I had kept them informed of what was happening and why throughout. At the end of the day, I think that’s what keeps me doing what I do. Providing that measurable consistent delivery that makes a difference to….someone out there.

So I’ll just keep plodding. I hope you keep plodding too.

  1. Hence I’ve been thinking of them often over the past few days. I never did get to tell you how grateful I was for all your help when I was a stupid young thing. Rest in peace Brett. ↩︎

📷 April 2024 Photo Challenge Day 15 : Small

A Ladybird insect sat on the end of a bench taken in a garden

📷 April 2024 Photo Challenge Day 14 : Cactus

A spiralling cactus seen from above against a bed of stones

Watched the first episode of Sugar and I’m very impressed. I’m a sucker for a Noir anyway but this is so stylish and well presented. Very excited for the rest of the season.

Colin Farrell as “sugar” in a black suit behind the wheel of a classic American sport car

📷 April 2024 Photo Challenge Day 12 : Magic

The image shows a Disney castle lit up in purple against a night sky, with people’s silhouettes visible at the base.

What’s more magic than the magic kingdom itself? 🪄