The build begins! 🧱

    🔗 Three million malware-infected smart toothbrushes used in Swiss DDoS attacks

    This is some Cyberpunk or Ghost In The Shell style stuff 😂

    As items become more connected, with these things running on cheaply produced insecure solutions, this is going to become more and more of a thing.

    My pre order from October has arrived! 🧱😂

    I may have been slightly inebriated when the order was placed 🤫🍻

    Me holding a LEGO set box featuring the Atreides Royal Ornithopter from the Dune series.

    After months of trying I still don’t think I “get” Mastodon.

    If I spend a huge amount of time finding people to follow I get a little bit of content that I like… but people are difficult to find…

    If I follow a hashtag for say… photography, or games then I get a ridiculous firehose I don’t want…

    Just seen @Mtt has launched Tiny Theme 2.0! 🤯

    Love the idea of the Microhooks. Looking forwards to having a play with that!

    If I wasn’t just a toddler in ‘84 I absolutely would have been handing over my 99c to get this bad boy and a Big Mac meal. 🍔 🍟 🧢

    A McDonalds advert for a Big Mac hat 99c with a meal. The hat displays an image of the burgers

    First Vison Pro review I’ve seen posted. Let’s gooooooo! 👀 🥽

    People using the new single-page feature on Micro.Blog? I’d love to see some real world uses for it. I was considering replacing my about page with it and categorising the sections but I’m not convinced…

    When I finally make all my Japan Diaries I might make a custom page to link to those… 🤔

    The new Unity Bloom wallpaper for iOS is one of the most beautiful wallpapers they’ve ever made.

    Love how it’s a dynamic random assortment every time the screen comes on. On OLED it’s incredible looking.

    Smartphone lock screen with a floral wallpaper on a dark background

    I had hopes once. Dreams, plans! Then I had a cat sit on my lap… and it turns out that’s all I really need to do today 🥰😸

    A sleeping cat on a yellow knitted blanket with a blurred background of a room with a fireplace and colorful decor.

    Happy 40th anniversary to the Macintosh! I grew up with Mac’s as my father was a Mac aficionado, From the OG through the quadras and beyond.

    My first Mac was a heavily discounted “Pismo” G3 PowerBook. I loved that machine. I’ve had G4’s, G5’s, intels and M/Arm since! 🍻

    Was great to have a bit of a hike with my wife yesterday day and get some mud under our feet. 🥾

    The 🍔 for lunch afterwards was a justified reward as well! 😜

    A rural landscape with a narrow dirt path between hedge rows, green fields under a cloudy sky.

    Myself and my wife in hiking gear posing under the morning sun with a partially cloudy sky

    A group of sheep grazing on a vibrant green field with a cloudy sky in the background.

    One advantage of the 5 minutes of pouring rain on our hike this morning was that it created a beautiful rainbow for a while.

    A landscape featuring a green field with two electricity poles and wires, with a partially visible rainbow in a dark cloudy sky.

    The more I play with Photomator’s HDR editing the more I’m disappointed with it. You basically need two workflows with one image. One for HDR and one for SDR unless your endpoint supports HDR. The tone mapping from HDR>SDR just looks terrible.

    HDR images > SDR Exports are fine from photos.app

    Not being able to turn off the “New Catalog Games!” Notification on the @playdate@panic.com is probably the only thing that annoys me with it. Lemme use it as a clock!

    🔗 Netflix has no app for VisonOS


    “Our members will be able to enjoy Netflix on the web browser on the Vision Pro, similar to how our members can enjoy Netflix on Macs,”


    Mac users sure do enjoy not being able to download Netflix movies or shows for offline viewing — you know, like in an airplane, one of the most obvious and common places where Vision Pro will be used.

    They don’t support Apple TV integration. ATV Client is often outdated. They dragged their feet on spacial audio. No Mac offline viewing… so no support for this niche product? Not surprised…

    So far so Netflix…

    🍿 Spaceman

    TW Arachnophobia

    This looks like it’s going to be another fantastic Serious Sandler role. The book it’s based off is described as “Solaris with laughs”. Sign me up 👍

    I’ve been saving my Nintendo points trying to reach 600 to get this Super Mario Bag and I finally scraped together enough to order it! 😊 🍄 🎮

    🔗 Youtube is slowing down your PC id you have Adblockers

    I decided to test this myself, and I noticed that having YouTube open with AdBlock increased my rig’s CPU usage by around 17%.

    If this was the other way around it would be considered an attack on the service. Not to mention the environmental impact of deliberately doing this!

    And….relax ☺️

    So happy to have passed 🙌

    A print out showing I passed the ITIL 4 foundation exam with 90% score. 36/40 questions.
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