Work continues to overwhelm slightly at the moment which means I haven’t been posting here as much as I’d like but there is a light at the end of the tunnel… I think…😅

    Is the Apple enthusiast scene out of touch I wonder, as I read an article on how someone uses their iPad as a monitor for their Nintendo Switch (a device that already has… a screen) using a $200 capture card, a $200 battery pack and a $40 dock… 🤔🤣

    Some photos of our food when we went to the soft launch of drgnfly, a new local restaurant. The Karaage was a particular highlight. Hence there only being one piece left by the time I got around to taking the photo 😂

    Kids school just emailed to say they’re closed tomorrow due to the risk of Storm Ciaran. Might be an interesting day at work tomorrow…

    A tech ghost story told around the campfire on a cold dark night 👻

    “And when he unboxed his laptop… IT DIDN’T HAVE A PHYSICAL ESCAPE KEY” 🎃😜

    Farewell to the MacBook Pro Touch Bar

    So the Apple gaming stuff turned out to be claim chowder it seems…. Nothing announced over what we know with Capcom’s releases.

    Not actually caught up on the conference yet, but the black M3 Pro’s do look good 😎

    Still think I will jump to a Studio next year as my next upgrade.

    Very interested to see what it’s announced at the Apple press conference tonight as it’s supposed to have a large gaming related announcement.

    I feel like we’ve been here numerous times before though… and Apple Arcade bar a rare few titles has been continuously disappointing…

    🤔 🎮

    Nights are drawing in now. It’s dark and moody earlier and earlier now. 🍂🌔

    A neon store sign reflecting in the wet pavement as dark streets bleed into the edges

    Sunday blog tweaking achieved ✔️

    Moved my about page back to and added the stats I get from Tinylytics as well! 😎

    What are people using to size, optimise and bulk upload their photos to Micro.Blog for long form posts?

    I’ve been using Mimi but the app is so frustrating (constant crashes with larger images, inconsistent with RAW/formatting support) that I’m just about done with it.

    The trip to my hometown to drop my father’s ashes with my mother is done with now, leaving me the rest of this week as holiday time a split of being on my own or with my wife and kids. Fire is on and I’m hunkered down.

    Todays agenda? editing Japan holiday photos to finally post day 5’s writeup.

    Not the most exciting photos ever but the light was really lovely on an evening walk with my family and I’m still flexing the 15 Pro Max photographic muscles so to speak…so wanted to grab some quick shots and try out the 5x zoom.

    Golden hour light on the front of a red brick apartment A seagull sat on the chimney of a red brick house Golden hour light on the curved brick of a modern apartment

    Really enjoyed doing the Sept photo @challenges this year. I had to use a few older photos vs fresh ones this time just coz I’m busy atm.

    I did submit some prompt ideas but they didn’t get through sadly.

    They would have been :-

    • Magic
    • Bokeh
    • Peel

    iPhone finewoven cases are tough to get off. I searched to see if there’s a trick to it.

    Top hit is a video with nearly 500k views.

    It’s someone just awkwardly pulling at it with excessive force until it comes off.

    Is this is the perfect commentary on the state of YouTube and Tech reporting?

    📷 Day 30 : Treasure

    A thick bundle of cat whiskers

    I’m outing myself as being a bit weird here, but Trio sheds whiskers like crazy.

    I treasure them all 😊

    📷 Day 29 : Contrast

    A photo of flowers growing into concrete

    📷 Day 28 : Workout

    This worked out just fine 😻

    📷 Day 27 : Embrace

    Me kissing my wife on the cheek as she looks surprised!

    📷 Day 26 : Beverage

    a can of coke with googly eyes on the top


    📷 Day 25 : Flare

    A long exposure of a campfire. My son in a hoodie is in the background as the light of the fire highlights his face

    The flare of a healthy campfire 🔥

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