E3 doesn’t exist anymore, but game still don’t stop, so lets get stuck in! 🎮

The Intro

  • The swelling music and cut after the first few trailers was…very odd. This conference is off to a weird vibe.


  • Like the potty mouth slightly edgier tone to this. Title card cut before and after really made me laugh.
  • I feel these games have had a better atmosphere than they’ve actually played, so it’ll be interesting to see how this one goes.

South Of Midnight

  • the stop motion style to this trailer is great
  • Love some blues 🎸
  • Ace atmosphere and an interesting world. Excited to know more.

Star Wars Outlaws

  • This CG has had a lot of Money thrown at it
  • Massive games? Is it Division like? Or a true open world game?
  • It’s not 1313 tho is it 😔

33 Immortals

  • Great animation
  • This sort of game is just not for me

Payday 3

  • I had some good times with Payday 2 for a small period of time.
  • Think this game does suffer from its audience a bit, like some other co-op games. The other players always expect you to know as much as they do. Not a great player base.
  • Who wouldn’t give HEAT the video game a try? 🤷‍♂️

Persona 3

  • Persona games continue to have the best music ever.
  • These games have styyyyyyle
  • Also….though…. Just not for me.


  • Great this is all in-game footage from the off
  • Looks incredible and varied as well when it comes to landscape and enemies
  • All in on this 💯

Sea Of Thieves Monkey Island

  • Sucks they didn’t involve Ron Gilbert…WTF?!
  • Good they got Threeps voice actor at least
  • And the other actors as well!
  • This makes it even more odd they didn’t involve Gilbert… Again. WTF?

Flight Sim 2024

  • As always it looks incredible and I could look at it for hours
  • I don’t have time to learn how to play this
  • Rescue and career mode is amazing feature.
  • That plane ate a plane 🫢
  • Yo Hot air balloons! 🎈
  • DUNE ORNITHOPTERS?!?!?! OK I guess I am playing this then…. That is AMAZING

Hellblade 2

  • I need to play the first one of these. I know it’s a classic, and I’ve loved Ninja theories previous content.
  • Man, Ninja Theory is such a great company. I’m so glad they’re out there doin’ work.
  • The Audio is so well done.
  • I really need to play the first one of these.


  • The Yakuza games are some of my favourite things ever made.
  • Interesting start to a trailer 🤣
  • Is this 8 or something else?
  • I need to finish 7. I got my head in a mess with the RPG mechanics. I guess I’m more of a Judgement guy nowadays when it comes to Ryu Ga Gotoku content.

Fallout 76

  • Hard pass. Next.
  • Don’t get me wrong, I love Fallout. But I’m a 1&2 guy. Maaaaaaaybe 3. Not this.

Path of the Goddess

  • Onimusha is crying
  • That character animation and the PoV is great
  • Excited to hear more!


  • I’m ready to play this. GT7 was a sliiiight return to what I liked about that series, but I think Forza could bring it home for me this year.
  • That ray traced paint is very very sweet.
  • God I hope it has auto tuning/downloadable tunes. I couldn’t care less about faffing with car configuration. I think this and GT7 get this wrong about racing…. How many drivers are actually playing with suspension values and wings? Or are the experts doing it? If I’m the driver just let me drive the damn car….
  • Why do supercars insist on having the most uncomfortable looking steering wheels (steering squares?) ever.

Elder Scrolls Online

  • Same as Fallout 76. Call me when the ‘real’ game comes out.

Overwatch 2

  • One of the worst managed games of all time
  • Not my cup of tea

Persona Tactica

  • Neat if you like tactic games. I’m sure it’ll be well put together


  • I do like the art style of this game a lot.
  • The engine looks nice. I’m excited to see the extended 30 minute watch.
  • Even the space combat looks good
  • September 6th! Goddamn!


  • Zelda esque climbing vibes
  • Oh snap! it’s a Don’t Nod game? You had my curiosity, now you have my attention!
  • I trust in Don’t Nod. I love a climbing game as well. Assassins Creed, Zelda. The Climb in VR. All in.

Still Wakes The Deep

  • The only The Chinese Room game I’ve played is Little Orpheus on Apple Arcade. I hope this is better than that game.
  • Nothing interested me about that. But I’ll try it on gamepass.

Dungeons of Hinterberg

  • This game has styyyyyyyyle
  • I thought it was lo-fi girl at first at the start of the trailer 🤣
  • That perspective change from 3rd person to a Diablo style isometric was interesting. Wonder what the mix/options in game will be.
  • Very interested in this.

Cyberpunk Phantom Livery

  • Keanu! Idris!
  • I still like this game in spite of itself. It could have been so much more than it was.
  • Keanu was having fun cutting this promo 🤣
  • So this is how they’ll ‘cure’ V?
  • Oh finally actually using the swimming mechanic that wasn’t used in the entire game huh?

City Skylines 2

Metaphor Re Fantazio

  • Damn, lot of Atlas joints in this presentation.
  • I didn’t need to be told this is from the creators of Persona….don’t worry, you can tell 🤣
  • This has a whole lot of style. Wow.
  • Even that title has styyyyyyyle
  • It absolutely showed a modern city with cars at the end. Just a flash.


  • Transition to 3D for this studio. Good looking 3d as well.
  • Looks like an action game? I’d be interested in that

Clockwork Revolution

  • Wow, this is extremely bio shock infinite
  • I loved Arcanum and I absolutely get steampunk vibes from this game as well.
  • Time Travel?!
  • The art style of this is really really good
  • Yeh, This is my jam


The highlights for me are Fable, South Of Midnight, Avowed, Yakuza, Forza, Starfield, Jusant, Clockwork Revolution. That’s a good pike of games to be interested in, as well as the ability to give many others a try thanks to Gamepass. There’s a lot riding on Starfield however, and some of those games on my list are not going to be first party exclusive.

The start and the finish to the weird patriotic swelling music was absolutely a very weird tone. Were they trying to pull in Starfield vibes? It did not work…

Also, Phil. You can’t say “One more thing” in a Steve Jobs style way and not have an ace up your sleeve. You cannot just say that for an extended look at Starfield. That is unforgivable. 🤣