Here’s my random meandering thoughts from the Apple press conference 🍏

The Misc Stuff


The medical features are really heartwarming. I know it’s part of the sales process, but these devices have saved lives and it must feel great to be a part of that. The Health features of Watch are genuinely useful.


Environmental strides are great. I am happy they’ve gotten rid of leather and given us a (seemingly) great alternative. I’ve never been a fan of the silicon cases feel and their leather cases have been hot garbage since they went to a squared design anyway. Bring it on. It’s great to see them use their basically infinite bucket of money for what seems like long term strides.

Apple Vision Pro

The headset….🤷‍♂️ I just don’t get it. The experience for the price? I know the Techerati have gushed about it, but I just don’t desire strapping a computer to my head for my computing experience. VR for me is games/fitness. Even then it’s a niche indulgence, and this headset sure ain’t doing the gaming thing…

Apple Silicon Transition

With the Mac Studio and Pro now on Apple Silicon, the transition is complete. what a feat to pull off!

Apple Watch/Apple Watch Ultra

New SIP, Brighter Screens Double tap (very neat), Ultra Wide Band, on device Siri.

It’s a solid update. I think I’m saddest that the double tap won’t be back ported but I don’t feel any desire to upgrade my 1st Gen Ultra just yet.

iPhone 15

Case looks nice and getting the 48MP camera with and dynamic island on the screen is a solid update. If you don’t use iPhone as your primary camera, this is absolutely the phone for you. As a big AirTag user Find friend support using wide band is really cool as well. I’d have to see the colours in the flesh to really judge them. They’re a bit pastel for my tastes…

iPhone 15 Pro

My notes from the reveal for this were as follows:-

  • Brushed titanium look is incredibly appealing

  • “The most Pro phone ever” is an incredibly funny marketing sentence

  • Thinner borders always welcome

  • Mute button gone!!!1

  • Ray tracing!?! On a phone GPU!?! Wow

  • Games…oh Apple and games… 🙄 Resident Evil is exciting for sure. But we need this to become the norm to make the most out of this hardware. I hope they sell and entice other devs2. Especially if Apple’s promise to make porting easier comes true.

  • Cameras! The improved zoom and the focal lengths I’m very excited about. My phone is my camera and I use it intensively. 5x Zoom with the prisms seems great as well. I can’t wait to explore the possibilities of having more zoom etc play with.

My order will be a natural graphite 15 Pro Max with 256GB… I think. I keep going back and forth on the colour. And a fine woven case.

I’d love to maybe go for 512GB but we’ll see…

The shift to USB-C

🙌 A no brainer. Of course it needed to happen and it’s much welcome. Hopefully the USB-C shape will be ‘the connector’ now, or at least for a long time to come.

  1. Look how the massacred my boy! 😢 I’ll miss that little orange bit under the flick switch. Apparently Jobs spend ages finding the ‘perfect orange’ for the switch. ↩︎

  2. They buried the lede on this one. DEATH STRANDING TO COME TO IOS! 🥹 ↩︎