Trio the cat Sleepy on the Sofa

I’ve had a little break from blogging as It’s been a busy time of the year at work and at home, then I got a cold 🤒 and have generally been feeling a bit crappy and not like wriiting.

I’m now making an effort to put a bit more pep in my step! 💪

  • 🧱 It’s the end of an era as my kids grow up they are no longer interested in their Lego so we decided to try out webuybricks who will buy lego by weight! We got a quote for £25 for 5KG as an initial test 1 and sent it off. After some messing around with the courier, it finally went and…. Nothing. No contact, no payment no nothing. One of the boxes says it’s still in transit to them and the whole process appears to be stalled. ☹️

  • 🎮 The selling of stuff continues with me using Backmarket for the first time selling my old Nintendo Switch 2 and my PS4 Pro. I did get my payouts using this service but it was hardly straightforwards. Emails advising me of the entirely wrong courier company. Asking me to input my bank details multiple times even though I’d already done it and then even asking for a scan of my drivers licence even though this wasn’t initially stated as a requirement. At times it felt like a test of patience. I’m not sure I would use the service again over something like Music Magpie or even CEX.

  • 🧟‍♂️ My youngest wanted to watch a scary movie as we were around spooky season, so we watched one of my favourite classics, 1982’s John Carpenters The Thing. The special effects brought about amazement and laughs in equal measure but I still think it really holds up! This week is pizza and Alien!

The way Wilford Brimley shouts “I’ll kill you” will always make me laugh and I’ve been shouting it around the house ever since. 🤪

  • 🍕 Speaking of the Pizza, we’re using a new(ish) local place “Mega Pizza” who sell pizzas up to 20" (50CM). A large dominos in the UK is 13.5 (34cm). My kids think we need two. I….do not 🤣

  • 🎅 Mariah Carey has awakened once more, so Christmas planning wheels are slowly starting to move forwards. My wife is a tea addict so I got her a Bird & Blend Tea Advent Calendar for December. It just happens to have two bags in each day as well! 😮👩‍❤️‍👨

  • 🍏👨‍💻 Father in laws laptop HDD died a few weeks ago and it’s on an EOL MacBook Pro that’s not receiving security updates anymore. Next weekend he’s asked me to go to Southampton and advise on a new model. I think a 13" or 15" MacBook Air will be perfect. Looks like there might be a Black Friday deal during that time that will snag him a gift voucher as well.

  • 🍏 My own plans for upgrades are probably stalled until the new year. I still think my way forwards is to get a Studio Display and then a Mac Studio & leave the laptop life behind…

  • 🎮 Video game season is truly upon us!

    • Nearing the end of Final Fantasy 16. I have really enjoyed the Game Of Thrones style plot and voice acting in this one.
    • Robocop is buggy and has some bizarre difficulty spikes early on but is a really fun nostalgia trip that’s made with love and an understanding of the property. It’s a small team swinging big and hitting a home run. Great to see.
    • Super Mario Bros Wonder is a charming ride so far. I hear it gets a bit frustrating near the end, but so far it is absolutely the best 2d Mario since World.
    • Before Christmas my plan is to play Alan Wake 2 & Super Mario RPG as well.
    • It’s the 25th anniversary of Half-Life. The game is free on Steam and there’s a great Web-Page and documentary. I absolutely have to do a run through on SteamDeck I think.

  • 🎶 HEALTH have started to release tracks/videos from their new album Rat Wars and it’s all fantastic. One of my favourite bands 🤘

  • 🎶 This Collection of CoLD SToRAGE tracks from wipE’out" has been in consistent rotation as well.

  • 📗 After pre-ordering many moons ago, I received my The Culture: The Drawings book. Really looking forwards to digging through this more as The Culture is one of my favourite series of books.

  • 🇯🇵 I’m going to make a concerted effort to get out the remaining days of my Japan Diaries before Christmas. 🤞

  1. Oh you’d better believe we’ve got bags and bags more! 🤣 ↩︎

  2. I got a fabulously cheap deal on an OLED Model when in 🇯🇵 ↩︎