It’s been truly eye opening dealing with companies and processes following my fathers death and me helping to settle his estate. Some companies bereavement departments have been truly amazing, with empathetic people who truly seem to care and also get stuff done.

    Whilst other companies have bumbled and stumbled along with truly terrible processes.

    Want to find a company that has it together? Check their bereavement support pages/processes πŸ’―

    My trip to Japan is looming large now and I’m part excited, part nervous and wholly unprepared πŸ€ͺ (Or at least feel that way as travel date is only in a few weeks!)

    Time to write some fun lists (What I want to do, eat, where to go) and some not so fun lists (Things I need to pack, take, buy before) πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅πŸ£πŸš…

    Did our yearly β€œPortland Bill Blow” yesterday where we blow away the old year and welcome in the new.

    We have been very fortunate to roll with the punches this year, but globally, so many have not been so fortunate for many reasons.

    If ever there was ever a year that deserves a kick to the kerb, this would be it!

    Here’s to a better new year everyone πŸŽ‰