Construction workers in high visibility clothing assembling scaffolding beside a historic building.

February already! 2024 is in full swing!

📸 Photo is from the Half Mile Challenge I did alongside my Son last Sunday. A good reminder to focus on the more creative things as well as the essential things. ⚖️

Read on for more of the week that was!

  • 📤 A challenging week at work… First shift being on-call out of hours which effects your sleep and relaxation a bit as you’re waiting to see if the phone rings. Certainly hurt my sleep a little the first couple of nights but I’d gotten into the swing of it by the end.

    Had to mute my impostor syndrome voices a little on a couple of occasions this week as well. Must keep in mind to try and be stoic about what comes around and how to deal with things. It’s a constant work in progress.

  • 🧱 My Ornithopter arrived! Can’t wait to start to build it.

  • 🕸️ TinyTheme 2.0 is out! Thinking of using the MicroHooks feature to add a section at the top or bottom of my page posts. Will probably feel a bit too prominent at the top so I’m leaning towards at the bottom… but we’ll try it out.

  • 🍴 We’ve actually made a decision to buy a new dining table. Our old one has followed us around for the majority of our 20 years of marriage. It’s a fancy one that extends and should be with us in a few weeks.

  • 🖥️ Computer hardware choices…🤔 I keep going back and forth on if to get an Apple Studio Display to replace my tiring LG27UK850 which has developed a red hue around the edges (apparently a common flaw with this now well out of warranty monitor).

    I can get a 10% discount via the NHS scheme but… I just can’t seem to bring myself to just get the thing. I’ve also decided to not upgrade my MacBook this year, but I’m keeping my ear to the ground on these rumoured OLED iPads.

  • 😴 Good lord I am tired of hearing about a certain headset 🥽

    I did enjoy watching/reading the Verge’s coverage and I think the tech will get there years down the line, but this doesn’t trigger a “That’s rad” feeling in my like the OG iPhone 1 or the iPad. I cannot fathom wearing that thing for a long period of time. It has made me contemplate getting a Quest 3 for fitness & gaming however!

  • 🏙️ Trip to London is coming up soon with the kids. Looking forwards to that. We’ll have a few trips to London this year. Myself and my wife still need to find a time and book tickets to Agatha Christies “The Mousetrap” as well.

  • 🍔 My diet is going steady. I’ve lost a Stone since the start of Jan 2. My family say they can see the difference but I think they’re just encouraging me 😂.

    I’ve still got a way to go. Just doing intermittent fasting and cutting my calories down so far. I need to start using Apple Fitness workouts again but …🛌 It’s so hard to wake up in the morning when it’s still freezing weather. I much prefer working out in the morning but I think I’m going to have to shift my mindset to do this when I finish work. At least until it warms up.

  1. I had to have the original iPhone so badly, I imported, then jailbroke/unlocked an American one paying a friend on a gaming forum in advance to get one and then hoping it would arrive. It did! And then two of my friends used the same method to get theirs! Those were the days…😊 ↩︎

  2. That’s about 6KG to those of you that don’t use our bizarre UK weights and measures. ↩︎