Stuff this week #9

    Trio the cat Sleepy on the Sofa

    I’ve had a little break from blogging as It’s been a busy time of the year at work and at home, then I got a cold 🤒 and have generally been feeling a bit crappy and not like wriiting.

    I’m now making an effort to put a bit more pep in my step! 💪

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    Very interested to see what it’s announced at the Apple press conference tonight as it’s supposed to have a large gaming related announcement.

    I feel like we’ve been here numerous times before though… and Apple Arcade bar a rare few titles has been continuously disappointing…

    🤔 🎮

    Stuff this week #7

    A black and white photo of a hotel room

    A week off work this week, so some travelling, some relaxing and unfortunately... way too much procrastination.

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    Trying to resist the urge to buy Red Dead Redemption on the Switch… don’t think I’ll be successful 😂 🎮

    Xbox 2023 Showcase Thoughts

    E3 doesn’t exist anymore, but game still don’t stop, so lets get stuck in! 🎮 The Intro The swelling music and cut after the first few trailers was…very odd. This conference is off to a weird vibe. Fable Like the potty mouth slightly edgier tone to this. Title card cut before and after really made me laugh. I feel these games have had a better atmosphere than they’ve actually played, so it’ll be interesting to see how this one goes.

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    Catching up on the Xbox Showcase via stream. Haven’t had time to see what they’ve announced. Excited to see what’s what! 🎮

    A nice morning coffee in the sun room along with a bit of Golden Sun on my newly arrived Mayoo Mini+

    For £70 this thing is incredibly cool. Might have to do a longer form post about it. 🎮

    Watching footage of new game on Twitch and it’s hilarious how much the video codecs just can’t handle the action 🤣 Several times I’ve seen footage basically give up and turn into confetti when the action gets too hot! 👏👏👏 🎮

    The Pizza Tower soundtrack is amazing in a way I didn’t quite expect. 🤩 🎮

    Great weekend for gaming, catching up on old releases I haven’t played (The Last Of Us Part 2) and old releases that have had an amazing refurbishment (Metroid Prime). 🎮

    🎮 Finished: The Callisto Protocol ★★☆☆☆

    Graphically great… Good performance from Josh Duhamel. Sadly nothing else going for it…

    So this is the New Year...

    🎶 And I don’t feel any different… Well, a new year is here and it’s time to get contemplative about the year that’s passed as well as divine a strategy for the year ahead. A blog without an end of year post is no sort of blog at all right??? The year that’s past It’s been an odd year as we’ve continued to battle through the pandemic, energy prices, witnessed the breakouts of war and climate change, making for a turmultuous world that’s out of our control on top of the more personal stresses we all deal with as well.

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    Very sad to hear of Archer Maclean’s passing. IK+, Dropzone, Jimmy White.

    What a legacy. 🎮

    Well, I didn’t think I’d be choking up in the first five minutes of God Of War Ragnarok because of a dying pet… but whelp, here we are 🥲 🎮

    It arrived!

    Thinking I will probably write up a review of the hardware, then the season 1 games in real-time as they unlock to me.

    My god it’s a cute little tchotchke though 🥰 🎮

    Played Tetris 99 on Switch.

    Battle Royale + Tetris is such a great idea! Got totally whupped the first two times but then placed 18th the 3rd time, which I’m pretty happy about 😀 🎮

    🎮 Diablo 3 for Switch?

    All in 💸 just take the money!

    Watching some footage of people playing Beat Saber has got me itching to get a VR headset again… 😩🎮

    Happy nerd here 👍🎮👏

    1986 or 2017, the classics will always be the classics. 🎮