Stuff this week #9

    Trio the cat Sleepy on the Sofa

    I’ve had a little break from blogging as It’s been a busy time of the year at work and at home, then I got a cold 🤒 and have generally been feeling a bit crappy and not like wriiting.

    I’m now making an effort to put a bit more pep in my step! 💪

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    Stuff This Week #8

    A steady week all in all as the weather finally cools and the nights draw in 🎃

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    Stuff this week #7

    A black and white photo of a hotel room

    A week off work this week, so some travelling, some relaxing and unfortunately... way too much procrastination.

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    Stuff This Week #5-6

    I didn’t get this out last week as life just got in the way, so this is a sorta doubled up bumper pack of last week and this weeks stuff.

    Trio the cat sat on my wife’s legs

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    Stuff This Week #4

    It’s all about tech mostly this week. With a little bit of food thrown in. And of course the weather, because what sort of Brit would I be if I didn’t mention it…

    A photo of weymouth Harbour taken from the bridge One of the first shots I took with my new phone

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    Stuff This Week #3

    • 📱New iPhone is ordered. 512GB Pro Max Blue Titanium. The Finewoven case arrived ahead of time so I’ve done a little look at that.

    • 🎮 I’m really excited to play with the new camera features and see the Ray Tracing/AAA Games in action.

    • ⛈️ As you can see from the picture at the top of this, the weather has most certainly changed and we’re not complaining about the heat anymore. Last night was a huge thunderstorm that lit up the night sky and shouted in thunderous booms. That storm actually killed power between around 5am to 7am, but is thankfully all ok again now.

    • 😓 A challenging and stressful work at week this week, but I’m proud of how I handled it and didn’t let it consume me. Being mindful, recognising behaviours and refusing to overstretch myself means I wasn’t as bothered about this sort of pressure as I have been in the past.

    • 🏃‍♂️ I did workout! Only once vs my planned two sessions, but I’m on-track to continue next week. I really need to keep front of mind how better I feel when I’ve done something physical.

    • 🇯🇵 I have done nothing to move forwards my Japan Diary posts this week sadly. Photos still need editing and stories still need writing. This is higher up the todo list for next week now though 💪

    • 🔪🩸 We watched the new Branagh Poirot adaption. Really enjoyed it!

    • ✍️ I feel like I’ve gotten into a swing with now. I’m loving writing more as a hobby, as well as interacting with the community. Had some great chats about the new Apple products, photography and more! I have a routine for discovery, following (and just as crucial, un-following) to expand my horizons on the platform as well.

    Stuff This Week #2

    A hot and busy week for the whole family this week, with the kids starting up at school/college again, hoping we get more into the general rhythm of normalcy next week.

    A seagull sat on the edge of a ship in Weymouth harbor

    • 🍻 My cutting down my alcohol intake continues this week and I have to say I feel better overall for it. Starting tomorrow I hope to expand into some fitness activities as well! 🏃‍♂️

    • 🔨 Speaking of workouts, building new Ikea furniture for the kids yesterday was a multi-hour sweaty affair 😅

    • 🍝 Had a great dinner over at a friends house last night. I’m an introvert/wallflower typically and have to be poked by my family into a lot of larger social interactions, but as I grow older I do find myself putting more importance in my friendships and relationships and find myself enjoying them.

    • 🏙️ My Bluesky invite finally came through. Installed it. Linked it to my domain. Scrolled the timeline for 5 minutes. Haven’t gone back. I think I’m over Twitter/Threads and that whole sort of social media interaction. I’m engaging with more and more as I move away from the social behemoths.

    • 🧘‍♂️ We had a little visit to Weymouth beach Friday evening, had a quick splash then ate fish and chips on the harbour. It was so relaxing and uplifting it was almost like a meditation. Much required after the rush of the week.

    • 🇯🇵 We find ourselves missing Japan as we are post “big holiday”. I need to keep the Japan Diaries going as I write up each day and edit the photos I took over there. I really enjoy writing them as a reminder of our time there and find it makes the memories more concrete somehow… Only one thing for it, start planning for the next one?! 🤔🇮🇹❓

    • 🌎 Finally got all my domains under the same provider, moving the final ones away from a horribly outdated and unsupportive company. I’ve been meaning to do it for years and was dreading the complexity of the transfer process. In reality it was flawless and only took 10 minutes! There’s a lesson to be learned about fearing changes there methinks…

    Here’s to cooler weather next week 🤞. Have a good one everybody!

    Stuff This Week #1

    📱 Getting excited about new phone time. Specifically Rumoured periscope lens for better optical zoom Finally getting rid of the gross poor quality leather cases and having these “FineWoven” cases sounds like a much needed change for Vegans and because the leather case quality has gotten so poor lately. 👨‍💻Finally posted Day 3 of my Japan Diaries. I feel like I’m finally getting an easier way to upload these long form posts in a way I like thanks to getting some 3rd party tool involvement.

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